DRAGON DAY is November 4th: Let’s Breathe Fire Everywhere about Tommy’s New Book!

Dear Dragon Army:

Salve! Thanks so much for being willing to be the very first folks to see Armageddon, Texas! My idea was this: why not ask 100 of my cool writer/artist friends and the loyal listeners of Fiction School to preview a bit of the new book, and ask them to help me get the word out on Dragon Day, November 4th? It’ll be like a 24-hour explosion of good will, with no messy clean-up!

I think you’re going to like this book. Here on our secret page are the uncorrected proofs of first two chapters: the Prologue, “Earth Without Form, and Void” as well as Chapter One, “Light from the Darkness.” I hope you enjoy reading!

I guess the only set-up you may need is, the Apocalypse went down about thirty years ago — where else? — on the dusty plains of West Texas. If you’re a human still left on earth — well, let’s just say you’ve got some problems. It’s the third and final segment of the Messiah Trilogy, making a new story out of the old accounts in the Bible.

If you like what you see, I’d absolutely love it if you tweeted/blogged/facebooked/instagrammed/shouted at a neighbor/etc. something nice about Armageddon, Texas on Dragon Day, November 4th.  And if you get done early and want to say something nice, the publisher can always use good blurbs! Just send me a quick sentence or two via email, and — voila! — your name will be up in lights.

(And no worries if you don’t dig what you read! Just slide it into the ol’ circular file, no questions asked.)

Most importantly for me, this idea makes me realize I have so many great writers & artists I can consider my friends! That is no small thing. Thank you!

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being an officer in this ragtag Dragon Army! Meet you at the mess hall!
Tommy Z

Download (PDF, 2.33MB)