Apostle Islands
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Apostle Islands

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Apostle Islands

Book 2 - The Messiah Trilogy

ISBN: 978-0983208099

About This Book

Tommy Zurhellen continues his rollicking present-day retelling of Jesus’ life in Apostle Islands, his much-anticipated sequel to the story of the modern Messiah begun in Nazareth, North Dakota.

Zurhellen says setting his playful take on the New Testament in the upper Midwest was a natural move. Inspired by the Apostle Islands of the novel’s title, Zurhellen picks up Sam’s story as he emerges from forty days and nights in the North Dakotan Badlands. Supported by his loyal band of rough-and-ready bikers, Sam struggles to find his way and fulfill his mission on the shores of Lake Superior. His popularity spreads as he saves wedding receptions and cures cancer patients, but as he soon finds out, radical ideas and a diehard following are two easy ways to make enemies. Especially with the FBI.

With its fresh and irreverent perspective on some familiar faces, Apostle Islands tells a new story, all its own, that unabashedly asks just how much we’re willing to sacrifice for the ones we love.